Getting hired as a Data Engineer

Getting hired as a Data Engineer

Daniel Rojas

I've been a Data And AI Manager for the past 5 years in a Big 4 Consulting firm. I've interviewed 100+ candidates and hired a lot of them. I've managed multiple projects and have seen the end to end. People who rocked the interview and didn't deliver, regular interviews that were awesome delivering. I've put together everything I have learned about how someone can become a Data Engineer.

In this course, I'll explain the practical steps you need to follow to land a job as Data Engineer.

Five years of interviewing and hiring are distilled in this course. I'll explain what you need to learn, how to get interviews, and (more important) how to ace interviews. I also talk about how you can survive this journey, it's not easy but it's going to be worth it.

I've seen a lot of people lose opportunities by making simple mistakes, I do not want you to be one of those.


  • Intro
  • What is a Data Engineer and why you should become one
  • Skills you will need to get hired
  • Experience (what to do if you do not have experience) and projects
  • Writing a good CV
  • Getting the interview
  • Acing the interview
  • Surviving the journey
  • After you've aced the interview
  • How to celebrate

Duration: 1 hour 43 mins

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100+ interviews and more than 5 years of hiring manager experience in 1 hour and 43 mins of video

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